Sunday, February 6, 2011

Links to Posts about PAK Armed Forces (Mostly PAF)

Book Review: Cutting Edge PAF

WOMEN in the PAF: AN ENSEMBLE CAST by Afrah Jamal - Appeared in HILAL (Pakistan Armed Forces Magazine) Feb 2010

PAF: Both Sides of the COIN Published In HILAL(Military Mag) Jan 2010

INTERVIEW: What makes a Fighter Ace?

Book Review: Three Presidents and an Aide - Life, Power and Politics by Ambassador Arshad Sami Khan SJ Appeared in Daily Times 9 Jan 2010

EVENT: It Happened This Morning..

VIEW: You can’t handle the truth?

Book Review: Milestones in a Political Journey By M Asghar Khan PUBLISHED IN DAILY TIMES 23 JAN 2010

Sajad Haider Saved my Life - i think. UNPUBLISHED (so far)

Book Review: FLIGHT OF THE FALCON Story of a Fighter Pilot by S. Sajad Haider PUBLISHED In Daily Times 16 Jan 2010


VIEW: SPOOKS in the Dog House (Published in SHE Magazine June 2011)

VIEW: An Inconvenient Truth — According To A Little Bird

VIEW: Faisal Shahzad — the (un)true back story

VIEW: No More Sitting Ducks - Taking a Chapter from the 1980s Playbook

Book Review: Dairies of Field Marshal Ayub Khan

VIEW: From Keeping Scores to Settling Them

VIEW: Swat Deal - Profitable Merger or Hostile Takeover?

BOOK REVIEW:Inside the Pakistan Army: A Woman’s Experience on the Frontline of the War on Terror

VIEW: Coups - bloody, medium, rare

VIEW: Shakeel Afridi:The Friendly Neighborhood Informer

Behold a Pale Drone,& Hell(Fire) Followed with it...

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