Thursday, June 2, 2011

EVENT: It Happened This Morning..

I dont react to crank messages as a rule, but when this morning i get a 'Good Morning Afrah' at 7am....7am!!! from a strange number, i smsed back asking who it was.

NO Response.

So i called & someone said Hello then went silent...freaking out that they knew my name (& could spell it) I wondered (was it isi sending a warning shot (heaven forbid) on my navy story) & then took a childish & ineffective stand by texting 'who is this...coward, ans or i'll report u'. False bravado on my part.

How was I to know MM Alam had just learnt 2 text...

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  1. OK Explain...You got texted by MM Alam???

  2. yup...twas MM Alam...& im not sure he has completely mastered the art of texting even now..:)..else he'd have replied & saved me from ...well saved us all from what happened..